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Free Ipod Stuff

Free Ipod Stuff is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and launched in October 2001. The line-up currently consists of the original style hard drive-based flagship iPod classic, the iPod touch, the mid-level video-capable iPod nano, and the low-end screenless Free Ipod Stuff shuffle. Former products include the compact Free Ipod Stuff mini (replaced by the iPod nano) and the high-end spin-off Free Ipod Stuff photo (re-integrated into the main iPod classic line). Free Ipod Stuff classic models store media on an internal hard drive, while all other models, aside from the Microdrive-based mini, use flash memory to enable their smaller size Free Ipod Stuff. As with many other digital music players, iPods can also serve as external data storage devices Free Ipod Stuff.

Apple's iTunes new software is used to transfer music to the devices Free Ipod Stuff. As a jukebox application, iTunes stores a music library on the user's computer and can play, burn, and rip music from a CD. It also transfers photos, videos, games, and calendars to those Free Ipod Stuff models that support them. Apple focused its development on the iPod's unique user interface and its ease of use, rather than on technical capability. As of September 2007, the Free Ipod Stuff had sold over 110 million units worldwide (stated in "The Beat Goes On" conference) making it the best-selling digital audio player series in history Free Ipod Stuff.

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